House History

Part 2: Children of the Corn; The Disappearing Chandelier!

June 28, 2018

Earlier today I wrote an article about my visit to the house used in the movie, ‘Children of the Corn: The Final Sacrifice’. You can read my article right here. There is even a video at the top of that article so you can get a better idea of what it was like out there in the woods. In the Facebook comments to that post a lady, Leslie Lamm, started replying. She has been to the house and has pictures from inside, and she said something strange happened.

A little history. This house was originally a private residence, then it was a long time funeral home. It was then used for the Stephen King movie. This was the second Children of the Corn. I’ve been told it’s in a scene where the “children” drop the house on someone. During my visit, I expressed how we really felt like we were being watched. We didn’t attempt to go in. A skull  hanging on the front door knob can kind of give off the vibe of, YOU AREN’T WELCOME HERE!!!

Leslie visited the house with her children and husband in November of 2014. Her visit was vastly different than mine. Getting to it was a bit easier I am sure. It was for sale back when she went. And you didn’t really need a Realtor since an entire exterior wall was gone.

I remember seeing that listing. They really pushed the fact that it was a former funeral home and used in the movie. I think the seller was hoping someone would buy it based on that fact alone, and maybe use it as a haunted attraction. If I remember correctly, they were asking $30,000 or less for it.

Back to Leslie’s visit. At the time, she was trying to keep track of her children so she was a bit distracted, but she described to me the feeling of being watched. (same feeling we had!)


Other than the creepy feeling of someone watching my every move, not really. I had my six kids with me, so while I was trying to keep up with the three kids you see in the picture. They were all over the place so I couldn’t really focus.

As an aside, when she said SIX children I about choked on my wine! Then she said she has had one more since then. CHOKED ON WINE AGAIN! I should ship her some. 🙂

Leslie then told me she had interior pictures with orbs and things in them.

To me, the strangest picture is the last one!! As they were exploring the outside she noticed an old chandelier off in the woods. She picked it up to admire it. Then her husband had them all stand together for a picture. It wasn’t until she got to the car and looked back through her phone camera that she noticed the CHANDELIER WAS GONE!! And they all look distorted.

You can see how her hand clearly looks like it is holding something, but where is it??? I immediately asked what type of camera she was using. It was a Samsung phone. These were taken back in 2014. I just find it curious how it was the only picture messed up. I zoomed in all over the picture expecting to see the chandelier off somewhere else, but it wasn’t.

She did take the chandelier home with her rather than tossing it back into the woods to be completely destroyed. It has sat inside her attic since then. Anytime something bad or strange happens at their house her kids always say, “It’s the chandelier!”

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