House History

Children of the Corn house!! Not for the faint of heart!

June 27, 2018

Located off in the woods of Ramseur, North Carolina is the house used in the Stephen King movie, ‘Children of the Corn, The Final Sacrifice’. Exactly a year ago I decided to try and find this house. I called on my friend, Mandie Robertson. Some of you will recognize her from other explorations I have done. She is who I call when I’m not sure anyone else will have the nerve. I also took along my special security detail, my 11 year old daughter Claire, who is a 2nd degree black belt. She spars kids regularly, so children of the corn should be no issue at all. Just kick the machetes out of their hands! 🙂

I had an address for this house. A few years back it was actually on the market. (The interior pictures used in this post are from the listing.) The house had an interesting history even before it was used in the movie. It was originally a funeral home! For the movie, it was actually moved to the location. When I put the address in on Google Maps it showed me a dot in the woods. Hmmm. Ramseur is small town, but I knew it was near the ghost town of Cole Ridge that I visited before. So I reached out to some locals that helped me with that one and they gave me more specific directions.

When you watch horror movies, you sometimes see the stupid people walking TOWARDS danger and you yell or think, “NO, DON’T GO THAT WAY!!! TURN AROUND!! GO BACK!!”

That was us. There were lots of little ominous signs as we ventured deeper into the woods; signs that would probably send most people running back to the safety of their cars. Not us. We had a black belt with us! (yes, it’s a joke) Our first sign, we noticed a sleeping bag hanging from a tree. The string from the sleeping bag was stretched across the footpath, right at neck height. If you walked down that path at night, pretty sure you would have a nice surprise around your neck. Ten steps further, bees, ground bees. My 17 year old daughter was with us also on that day, she got stung twice. BUT LET’S KEEP GOING!!

We made it up to the side of the house and I immediately had a feeling of being watched. Over the years I’ve only had this feeling a few times. I always listen to this feeling. I said, “Okay, let’s get pictures and go. Someone is here.” I said that before we even looked around.

First thing we noticed, a newer bike leaning up against the side of the house. Then I noticed a pair of shoes by the side door. They were lined up perfectly and facing the door. As if someone took them off and walked inside. BUT BY GOLLY, LET’S KEEP GOING!!! lol. We walked to the front of the house.

My 17 year old daughter said, “I’m out! Bye! Look at the front door!”

On the front door knob was a skull. I’m laughing right now as I type this, but we weren’t laughing that day. I attached my video from that day to the top of this post. When I first posted it on Old House Life on Facebook, many swore they could see someone in one of the windows behind me. Let me know if you see that!


The feeling of being watched was very strong with this one! I heard after the fact that a man called it “home” even though it isn’t his house. It is still owned by an out of town owner. One lady said she and her mom went in the house one day. They got upstairs in one bedroom, and the man casually walked out of a closet. Imagine that fright!!

As we drove off from Ramseur we took back roads. You don’t see interesting things on the interstates. We found it ironic that we kept seeing fields and fields of corn. So I coerced Mandie to jump in one and “pretend to be a child of the corn”. So she did. 🙂