House History

The Ghost Town of Coleridge, NC.

April 24, 2018

A couple of years ago I was contacted and told that I had to check out the ghost town of Coleridge, NC. The lady that contacted me sent me some pictures, and I was immediately intrigued! ROAD TRIP KIDS!!! What a neat little town. It’s outside of Ramseur, North Carolina.

Let me stress one thing, there is a man that lives in the Enterprise building on occasion. He owns it and at one point he had it fixed up and operating as a store. I spoke with his niece and was looking forward to meeting him, but unfortunately he was not there the day I visited. These buildings are owned and clearly marked. We did not enter any of them, but as you can see, they are interesting enough without going in them.

Coleridge was originally called Cole’s Ridge. It was named after the Enterprise Manufacturing Company’s founder, James Cole. What did the Enterprise Manufacturing Company do? It was a cotton mill along the Deep River. You can read all of the history here.

Another interesting tidbit, a couple of movie scenes were filmed at the Enterprise building. The most notable movie starred Dick Clark. It was called, ‘Killers Three’. I found the scene from the movie that was filmed in Coleridge. Pretty cool seeing it in a movie!! Watch that here.