About “Old House Life”


I’m Michelle Bowers. Old houses, full of character and charm, are my passion! My mother lives in a circa 1899 house in Virginia.

As a young child I remember exploring old abandoned houses with my sister, Jennifer. We pretended like they were ours and imagined how life was back then when those homes were lived in. Back in April of 2013 our lives were forever changed with the untimely death of Jennifer. Upon the one year anniversary of her death I still found the grieving to be difficult. At that time I created the popular Facebook page, Abandoned Homes of North Carolina. I did it as a tribute to my sister.

The page slowly morphed into something I didn’t plan or predict. It has now become a hub for all things about old houses. From preservation, restoration, video tours, and sharing old house listings; it has also become a place for old house lovers to meet up and talk about our favorite subject. When the page evolved, so did the name and Old House Life was born.

Visit often, hang out, imagine living in one of these old beauties. And who knows, maybe your dream house is on here and another house will be saved by this community.