The Vincent Allen House Project

A project about turning our passion into action

In early 2018 I fell in love with a true fixer upper house in Vance County, North Carolina. It wasn’t so much the house, but rather the history of the home. The house has connections to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson; a definite piece of history that needs to be saved. While I was not successful in attaining the house at a tax foreclosure auction, I was successful in making a new friend in the current owner.

Bob Amato is an elderly man, uses a cane to get around. His wife was an Allen and this was her family home. Her grandparents are buried in the side yard. I became concerned that Mr. Amato would not be able to physically take on such a huge and daunting project. Those of us here at Old House Life decided it would be in the best interest of history if we assist Mr. Amato with this project. Please follow along with this journey. I am sure we will have many discoveries on the property, many headaches, maybe some tears, and hopefully we will be successful in restoring the Vincent Allen House to it’s former glory!