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Spring has sprung at the Allen House! Volunteers needed on Saturday!!

March 28, 2019

Spring has officially hit the Allen House! While cleaning out the Allen House we saw a multitude of gardening books so we were always very curious how things would look once spring hit. Ms. Marable was considered a “master gardener” and I did find an article she wrote for UNC about gardening.

So Tom, Mr. Amato’s son-in-law, went by the house this week and sent me some pictures of the things that are blooming! It is nice to see LIFE happening out there!

And we now have a new family member at the house! He has been nicknamed Baxter. Tom believes he has been abused or feral for quite some time. He is VERY skittish of people. To me, he looks so sad!

The closest Tom has been able to get to him was for the dog to sniff his shoe. Tom has put a dog house out there and has been feeding him. I can’t wait to get out there Saturday to see him! My mom has taken in several old hound dogs that hunters abandoned. They all acted in this manner.

We do need volunteers for Saturday! This will be an exterior clean-up day, so if you can come and help it will be greatly appreciated! Bring any lawn equipment you have. Please wear pants, boots, gloves! Bring bug spray, but we usually have some on hand. Lunch is provided and we do have fun! Even though this is an exterior clean up day, I will give interior tours to volunteers. So come on!

It is for this Saturday, March 30th. We usually get there around 8 or so and stay till 4:00. Some leave earlier. We just appreciate any help we can get! Anyone with a gardening background will be extra beneficial this go around as we have things blooming!

If you want to join us, private message me on Old House Life on Facebook or Instagram. Or you can email me at [email protected]. Hope to see you there!