House History

Is it a church? Is it a home?

April 25, 2018

A few weeks ago on Facebook I shared the inside of this special church in Danville. I wanted to also post it on the website. It was the old Sacred Heart church in Danville, Virginia. My friend, Tina,  saw it and knew immediately she wanted it as a home. I have been invited back for more pictures, so stay tuned for that! The day we were there was rather impromptu, so I didn’t want to intrude in their personal spaces.

My post from that day:


Wait till you see this!
My friends, Tina and Henry, bought the old Sacred Heart Catholic church in Danville, Va and transformed it into their home. I had no clue what to expect and was blown away!!
I didn’t take pictures of bedrooms, but one side of the house has four bedrooms upstairs. The downstairs on that side has a beautiful kitchen. How does someone use the sanctuary??? Their twist on it was spot on. When I say we were blown away, not an exaggeration. We kept saying……are we still in Danville??
And it is filled with appropriate antiques. Tina found an old confessional, bought it and moved it to Danville. We loved the powder room bathroom sink! This might not surprise you, Tina and Henry are related to the owners of the Sublett Miller house.
Next time we are back in Danville, I need to go back. Their gardens are amazing! I was so surprised by the sanctuary that the photographer in me was lost. Lol.
Visiting them was kind of last minute. I told Tina I would text her if we had time before we had to drive back to Raleigh. Glad I did and she let us visit!


Our favorite spot was the sanctuary! They turned the choir loft into a reading/library nook. I loved the old confessional that Tina found! Such a great repurpose for that building that sat vacant for years!!