House History

The House of Ants!

April 25, 2018

Yesterday I reposted an old video of mine from a house in Warren County, North Carolina. I attached the video at the top of this post for those that didn’t see it. The house had a very strange feeling about it. Maybe it was all of the ants?! They were EVERYWHERE!! Just walking from the car to the house we had them all over our feet and legs. Once we were inside we just had a feeling of being watched.

It dawned on me yesterday that I was in this house a few years ago, but back then the woods around it were still there. It still had that farm like setting. I searched around and found those pictures! While the house was still in a state of deterioration back then, it wasn’t as bad as it is in the video.

Who lived in this house? I have heard a couple of names over the years, but nothing really concrete. I heard from a lady last year, who passed on some “tales” about the house. They were pretty crazy. Things like, “at night you can hear a lady screaming from the house!” I didn’t give much credence to the tales she was sharing, but you never know.

When I first posted the video, people were having fun in the comments on Facebook. They swore they saw a woman in a dress outside of the window. It’s in the room where the phone is hanging on the wall. So watch it closely at that point. I personally think it is a post outside in the yard, a post with corrugated metal around it. (a dress)

It sure would have been creepy though if the telephone started ringing when we were upstairs!!! lol. We are heading into Warren County on Saturday and will try to find this house again for an update video!

If you are looking for something to do on Saturday, head into Warrenton. They are opening up the vacant properties for people to tour and maybe consider for opening a business. There will be eight properties open for the public, and there is no charge! Jeremy and I will be there, so if you see us, make sure you say hello! Find more information here.

My pictures of the Warren County house from my video are below.