Historic B&B Reviews

Review of the Haunted Stroud House Airbnb, Wake Forest, NC.

June 19, 2019

As many of you know we booked a room at the haunted Stroud House in Wake Forest, North Carolina. I posted the history of the home and the things that have happened to them in the home the other day and you can read that here.

Before I get to anything that happened to us, let me talk about their cozy home! Right when I walked through the front door I kept saying, “this is so cute!” They have original hardwood floors, bead board ceilings, and they have done a nice job updating it! The owners are very gracious and fun to be around!

I am very particular about B&B’s and Airbnb’s. Sometimes I don’t want to see anyone or talk to anyone. You have that option at the Stroud House. There is a separate entrance with a keypad, if you just want a quiet place to stay. On the other hand, David and Rebecca Bissette were lovely to talk to! It was fun hearing their “haunting” stories! We might have played a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity with them. 🙂

The location is perfect! You have the Holding Park and newly updated pool across the street. It is a short stroll to historic downtown Wake Forest. We walked to dinner that night and it was nice looking at the other historic homes on our stroll. Nice restaurants downtown, as well as a local bar and a brewery! And depending on when you stay, it’s only $50-75 a night! Can’t beat that! The accommodations are nice!

Guests have a suite. There is a small room with a twin bed and then the main room with another bed. Three of us slept in the guest suite and were comfortable. There is a half bath in the guest area. A full bathroom is right down the hallway. Guests can choose from a continental breakfast menu the night before. It is laid out in the dining room for you in the morning. If you want to try sleeping at a haunted house, this really is for you!

Did we experience anything? The only place where I felt anything was in the hallway at the stairs. It just felt cold and something was making me feel a bit on edge there. I set up two trail cams before we went to dinner. They were both running all night and are set off by motion. We set up one camera where they had a paranormal occurrence before. It was on the mantel. One night a friend saw a speaker fly off of the mantel and there was no explanation. I set the camera there. On the video footage you see me set it up. You see us all leave for dinner. At some point after that there is a streak of static, and the camera shut off. The camera is working perfectly fine. So I have no explanation for that.

Do I feel it is haunted? From hearing their stories, it does make you wonder! Especially hearing the story about the very skeptical son and what happened to him. Would I stay there again? Absolutely and probably will! Would love to set the cameras up in a different spot and try a couple of other things. You can watch the video tour I did up at the top of this post and hear about what happened to the son.

If you want to book a night or two at the Stroud House you can do that here. Let them know Old House Life sent you!