Historic B&B Reviews

Nothing is finer than sweet tea in Carolina! Sweet Tea B&B.

July 10, 2018

We are super excited here at Old House Life! We are big into impromptu trips. Yesterday my friend, Mandie Robertson, posted on her Facebook page how she was looking for some exciting things to do during her summer break. I suggested she hike down into the Linville Gorge in the North Carolina mountains. She asked questions about it and I told her it really isn’t something she should do on her own, since the gorge is considered the Grand Canyon of the east coast and it is considered a wilderness area. I have done it twice and suggested I go with her. In 30 minutes time we had it planned to hike it on Friday. Patricia Hatch saw my post and at 9:30 last night she invited us to stay at her bed and breakfast after our hike, and we accepted. How’s that for impromptu trip planning!

Patricia and Ralph Hatch are the proprietors of ‘Sweet Tea Bed and Breakfast’ in Conover, North Carolina. It’s in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This home is unique in that they found it on my page!

Several years ago I posted this house. It sat vacant for many years and was in dire need of someone to step up and save it. I remember it distinctly. While it was sturdy looking on the exterior, the interior was sad and it had a lot of antiques just left inside. Patricia contacted me right after they bought it and told me of their plans. So this will be an extra special visit for me to see first hand a house that Old House Life had a little part in saving. Construction started on the home in 1917 and it was completed in 1920.

While there we do plan to give you all a video tour and I will do a write up sharing our experience. So stay tuned! Will try to go live on Facebook on Friday evening for those of you online. But don’t worry, the live videos stay on the page so they can be watched at any time.

If you want to check out Sweet Tea B&B on your own, you can find them online here.