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Abandoned: Robert Fletcher School in SC.

December 7, 2018

Three years ago I was given a tip about an abandoned school in South Carolina. We decided to make a day trip out of it and explored the back roads on the way from Raleigh to South Carolina. I heard and read stories that the school was supposedly haunted. It definitely has a creepy vibe to it!

Once you look in the front door of the school you can see that the middle section has collapsed down to the basement.

The back section, where the basement is located, that is where the creep factor was through the roof. It was pitch dark except for the flash of our cameras. I kept expecting to see a long haired girl (like the one from that movie The Ring) to be running towards me during the flash. Lol.

Construction began on this school in 1918 and it was completed in 1920. It was really quite an amazing structure! Made from bricks imported from Europe.

It was named in honor of Robert Fletcher who died in World War I on October 7, 1918. He died from mustard gas poisoning. His body was flown from Europe and he is buried in the nearby Fletcher Family Cemetery.

The Fletchers were farmers and quite prosperous. During the 19th and 20th centuries the family owned 1,800 acres in South Carolina and 2,100 acres in North Carolina. They built the school to honor his memory. In 1924 the Fletchers wanted to turn the school into a college, but the state legislature shot it down.

You can read more about the school and see additional pictures here.