House History

The Honey Hole

May 24, 2018


A great way to spend a lazy Saturday or Sunday is to drive some back roads. I never get bored with it and you never know what you will find! Case in point, Honey Hole! This has an Oxford, NC mailing address, but it’s actually in the sleepy community of Oak Hill. I photographed it many times before finally meeting the owner and learning the history, and quite the history it has!

This was built in the early 1900’s. It started off as a little general store, then it became a local “juice joint” in the 1920’s. Hence the name, Honey Hole, the color of whiskey. In the 1920’s the structure was actually moved. Situated behind and off to the side of the Honey Hole, is the old family homestead. At one point this structure sat directly in front of the house. The family didn’t like that, so they moved it. To move a structure in the early 20th century wasn’t an easy feat. It was raised and placed on logs. Mules moved it a few feet, the logs were replaced, and on it went it until the structure was in the right place.

Let’s take a look at the Honey Hole sign. Noticed the shotgun hole in it?! One night a man showed up that no one knew. He started causing problems with a few locals. He was asked to leave and he refused. So the owner took out a shot gun, aimed, and shot at him. He didn’t intend to shoot him; he wanted to scare him. The bullet grazed his arm, hit something, and ricocheted back through the sign. Very fitting considering it hit right at “Hole”.

The owners still live a hundred yards down from the Honey Hole. And eyes are always watching! Lol. The family home behind it has long been vacant. I was fortunate to have been in it with the owner and he even let me host a ghost hunt in it!! Will share the story about that house and our ghost hunt another time.