House History

The stuff nightmares are made of!

May 7, 2018

When we visited the historic town of Warrenton, North Carolina a couple of weeks ago we walked up and down a few of the streets just marveling at the history in the town. The town was so meticulous with it’s historic homes. Each had a marker in front listing the name and the year built. It really is a neat town and I recommend doing what we did, park and just walk the streets.

So it was kind of surprising to stumble onto this abandoned house considering how the rest of the town has beautiful house after beautiful house! We could see this one possibly had a marker out front at one point, but the placard itself was missing from the post. We were definitely very curious and decided to get closer.

As we walked around the side of the house there was a strange feeling of being watched. I’ve been in a lot of abandoned houses and there have only been a few times where I have thought, “we shouldn’t linger too long.” This was one of those houses! We did walk up onto the front porch. It does have amazing details. Huge, original windows that beckoned to us to take a little look inside. We looked inside one of the windows. We couldn’t see a thing through the inky blackness inside. I vaguely made out a bookshelf and then thought, someone could be in there looking at us and we wouldn’t ever know! Time to go!!!!

As we continued strolling through the downtown area of Warrenton, we happened to meet the Mayor, Walter Gardner Jr. Very nice man. I showed him a picture of this house and asked the history. “That’s the old funeral home!”

Now the foreboding feeling made sense!! Does anyone know more history of it? Was it always a funeral home? Any stories about it?