FREE house in Wake County, NC!!! Needs to be moved. Current owner might help with moving expenses! Wake County, NC.

July 27, 2019

I want to thank Capital Area Preservation for telling me about this house! And we got some interior pictures! The Mills House is an early 20th century Queen Anne Cottage. This pyramidal cottage was commonly constructed in the first quarter of the 20th century. The house really isn’t in bad shape.

There are original hardwood floors, wood doors, wood trim, tongue and groove bead board paneling throughout, original clapboard siding, and original exterior windows.

The house is currently included in the Town of Cary 2011-2013 Historic Resources Survey and Inventory list.

The structure needs to be moved from its current location. It is preferred that the house remain in Wake County. If it is going to be moved out of the county it needs to stay close by.

Once moved, the house and the new lot will be protected with a historic preservation easement. The great thing is the current owner is willing to negotiate potential sharing of relocation expenses!

I asked Jeremy Bradham, the Historic Preservation Specialist with Capital Area Preservation what his thoughts were about cost for the move. He said in the past it is all about distance and power lines! A large part of the expense is having to raise or lower power lines. Also the fact that this one is raised up on piers, it will be easier to get up under it to raise it.


Location: 3208 Green Level West Road, Cary, North Carolina.

Sales Price: FREE (must be moved)

Contact: Julie Somarriba, Duke Health Facility. Planning, Design, and Construction Project Executive.

[email protected]

Thank you to Capital Area Preservation!