Historic B&B Reviews

Inner Banks Inn: Edenton, North Carolina

December 20, 2018

I have once stated that I thought Edenton, North Carolina was like Mayberry, but with water. I still stand with that summation. Such a great historic town and everyone is so very friendly! The Inner Banks Inn is such a unique inn and bed and breakfast.

The property is comprised of five historic houses and two were moved to the property to save them from demolition. One of the historic homes is an old carriage house that is home to the inn’s restaurant, The Table. I attached my video tour of one of the homes at the inn to the top of this post.

When we arrived at the inn the first thing we noticed was the aroma inside the Lords Proprietors house. They were making fresh baked chocolate chip cookies for the guests. Yes we did have one!

They pay attention to so much detail at the Inner Banks Inn. They can make anything happen there for your stay. Want a private spa treatment in your room, done! Want to tour all of the houses on the property, done!

Here is the real beauty of the inn. Say you have your heart set on a certain type of house. Say you want to stay in the old tobacco pack house that was moved to the property? The interior of that is gorgeous by the way! You go on the Inner Banks Inn website, pick that house, and then choose the room you want! Such a unique concept for an inn and especially for the old house lover.

I learned some new things from my visit there this time! Ronald Reagan, Dolly Parton, and Walter Cronkite all stayed at the inn! (not at the same time!) Didn’t know that!

We were there for the Edenton Christmas Candlelight Tour. It is a must do if you love old homes! Trust me! My favorite home on the tour is Beverly Hall. I will be doing a separate post about that one!

Now to everyone’s favorite subject! Is the Inner Banks Inn haunted? We arrived to the inn on Saturday morning. Apparently the night before several guests that were staying in the Lords Proprietors house were all sitting in the common area talking. These guests were in three separate rooms and they were all talking about the same strange sound that they thought was paranormal. They said it sounded like someone was outside of the door in the hall and rubbing their hands up and down the walls.

Susan Beckwith, the innkeeper and owner of the inn, said that was the first time she has really ever heard guests talking like that and it surprised her. Susan has only had one incident at the inn that she just couldn’t explain. She was in the Packhouse one day in one of the rooms. She thought she saw someone out of the corner of her eye. She turned and the armoire door slowly opened. So for those that would like to experience something like that, perfect place to stay! I have stayed at the inn twice, once in the Lords Proprietor house and at the Tillie Bond Cottage, I have not experienced anything paranormal, and I wanted to!

Let me also talk about the restaurant at the inn, The Table. You need to try it! The food was out of this world delicious! The restaurant is inside an old carriage house. It’s not large, so make sure you make reservations. Everyone at our table enjoyed their meal! The potato and leek soup was so good, I’m still thinking about it!

Plan a trip to Edenton! For the history buff and old house lover, you will be in heaven! Hop on over to the Inner Banks Inn website and book a stay. Let them know you heard about them from Old House Life!