House Tours Vincent Allen Project

Watson Farm Log Cabin, Warren County, NC.

November 29, 2018

This log cabin has left us a bit confused. This cabin is on the Watson Farm in Warren County, NC. and has some loose ties to the Vincent Allen House right over the Warren County line in Vance County. That is the house we are currently working on. Our research led us to the Watson Farm. The stories unfolding there have us very intrigued!

The current owner does not know much history about his property, he just knows he wants to preserve it all. The main house at the Watson Farm was most likely built in 1820-1840. We think this cabin was most likely 1880ish. If our research and our gut feelings are correct, this cabin could possibly tie into the story about Austin Allen. Trust me, that story is coming! Just waiting to talk with an elderly lady in that area. She might prove or disprove our hunches. If this cabin turns out to be the one we are thinking it could be, then 13 children were raised in it.

Things that confused us about this cabin, the stonework on the upper floor loft area. Looks like at some point someone did a renovation on it.

After I did the video, look at top of post for that, I started noticing all of the math written on the walls! Most was confined to one room downstairs. It was on the fireplace, the window frame, the door, the stairs leading up to the loft.

My first thought, maybe a farmer just standing around figuring out something. But there was so much of it! Was one room used as a school at some point? Was the mother of the 13 children making sure they studied? All of her children did go to school. Outside of one room “22 boys” was written on the wall.

The math leading up to the loft was a more elementary math and was written in chalk. I just noticed something is scratched under the chalk! Looks like it says Novel? Didn’t see that before! Now I need to go back.

It’s baffling to us! It sure would be a neat place fixed up and from talking with the owner, I believe that is what he is going to do. It overlooks a rolling pasture and a pond. Great old trees around it.