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Clean up day at the Allen House!!

July 22, 2018

It was such an amazing day! A physically draining day! Today I feel like I did 1,000 squats yesterday and when you think about how much stuff we picked up throughout the day, we probably did do 1,000 squats! The upstairs of the home was overwhelming when we started, but it sure is amazing how much can be accomplished when people work together. I was shocked we got the entire upstairs completed!

The last room we worked on had so much junk in it that it was almost at my waist in parts. Furniture had been tossed around. The rugs in there were coated in cat urine and cat feces. It took four of us to throw it out the window. At the beginning of the day we were examining each item to see if it was something that could be salvaged. By time we got to the last room it was like, TRASH IT!!

Some strange things were found. The strangest thing had to have been this large container of  ultrasound gel…….and she wasn’t a doctor. Things that make you go “hmmmmmm”.

Mr. Amato was beyond thrilled and everyone that volunteered loved him. He isn’t physically able to do much, so he made store and food runs for everyone. The downstairs is going to be tough and it will probably take a few days. The odor down there, coupled with collapsed floors, that’s going to be challenging. I will let everyone know once we get a date set up!

Thanks to all of the volunteers that came out! It was a good group of people all focused on one thing, save this house. Special thanks to Luke Reynolds for bringing his drone out and capturing some great pictures for us!

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