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Clean up starting tomorrow!!! Allen House, circa 1790.

July 17, 2018

Tomorrow I am heading out to the Allen house in Vance County to start work! Going by myself just to get a jump start before the big work starts on Saturday. That’s our big clean up day. We have volunteers from the Facebook page joining us. Some traveling hours to get to us! We even have two retired archaeology technicians that volunteered! She said they can help locate old privy locations and old trash pit areas.

While the majority of the volunteer group will be outside, I am having a smaller group inside to start the tedious process of going through all of the belongings left in the house. My plan is to get one room upstairs completely cleaned on Saturday. That way we can move all of the furniture left in the home into that room. Well, at least the pieces that will be used in the house after restoration is completed. Looking at these pictures you might be thinking it is a tear down! Why save a house in that condition?! I have written about the history before and you can find that here. Allen House History

Tomorrow I am hoping to clean the upstairs hallway so it will make removing trash from the house much easier on volunteers. You wouldn’t think a hallway would be that bad, think again! This one is filled with books and stuff and a random bathroom just sitting out in the open.

I will take a before and after picture tomorrow of the area I am cleaning! I really want to see a big area of hardwood flooring! There isn’t a spot in that house where you can really check out the floors! If I find anything neat I will do a video. So make sure you are following this website for updates! We have a special tab just for this project!

Here is an old video tour inside that we did. Allen House Video