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Meet the Old House Life homeowner. Circa, 1808 in Virginia.

June 26, 2018

I always get excited when I hear from a follower of my website that they have made the plunge and purchased an old house! Especially when they are so excited and they start sharing pictures with me. If you own an old house, whether it’s a recent purchase or a purchase from long ago, and wish to be featured, just email me through my website, or through Old House Life on Facebook or Instagram.

Let’s meet Angela and Jason Mann!

They recently purchased this log cabin in Appomattox, Virginia. It was built in 1808! That’s quite the plunge into Old House Life ownership! They have even relocated to Virginia for their new home. A huge bonus with their home, which they are moving into soon, it’s located on 37 acres! I asked Angela a few questions about their new home:


 We find the character of an older home so unique. The character on each log and knowing the time it took to make each log gives us an appreciation of another time long gone. A log cabin just seems warm. That time in history was so much more simplistic. We love the history of  Va in general, so to us we were excited to find it.

This is our first home like this and we relocated to Va to be able to live in it. The previous people actually had it for over 30 years and used it as a retreat, but besides some smaller updates like electric and some minor improvement work to clean it up the previous owners really cared for it and kept the integrity of the cabin part intact. One chimney has a wood stove and the second is open and old stones line them inside too. They added the back part when they bought it when they first got it. We don’t have any history yet but the age of it and that it was sitting on 37 acres. There is a cemetery on the property as well!

Once we get settled there we plan to research as much as we can. It’s about 6 miles from Appomattox courthouse and the National Park. We are hoping to find some civil war history in there.. you never know. The previous owners were not locals and so the realtor wasn’t much help getting extra info. I am hoping once we settle the neighbors can help to and we will dive into the records. We would like to put it on the national historic registry if possible.

Good luck in your new-old home The Mann Family!