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HOUSE TOUR: Julian Price House; From hoarding to beautiful family home!

April 8, 2018

I have been very fortunate to have met some amazing people over the years. I have made lifelong friends through this page. You know you met a kindred spirit when he (Michael) says, get in the bath! I immediately said yes and planned our poses. Lol.

Everyone saw Michael and Eric on the ‘Hoarders’ show and immediately fell in love with their kindness and empathy towards Sandra. They are just like that in person, but an added bonus for me is the humor. We laugh nonstop!! And guess what? You can meet them and get a personal tour of the house with them. Proceeds go to Preservation Greensboro, so they can go out and save more houses! Purchase tickets here:

Now to the house. This is a restoration job that you need to see in person to fully appreciate. There are four floors of impeccable craftsmanship and design that you need to see. They perfectly combined the old with the new. Example…..all door and window hardware was removed and shipped to a company in Texas so they could restore everything. It was 6,000 pounds!!!!

I am so happy for Eric, Michael and their daughters. I get teared up thinking of the many memories they will make there as a family. And it truly is well deserved. 😍

Go see all four floors for yourself as I am only sharing my favorite rooms……really everything is amazing. Tell them Old House Life sent you! Look through these pictures and then go see for yourself!

Back Door, how amazing is the hardware?! It is all original to the house.


Front door.

Sitting area to left of front door.

Flower box over front door. That is their daughters’ bedroom up there.

The grand staircase! Hard to believe the previous owner had this filled from floor to ceiling with “stuff”.

The living room was one of my favorite spaces in the house. So comfortable looking and everything just seems to go with the house.

How amazing is that original ceiling!!!!

Take note of the air registers all along this window seat. Keep you warm in the winter as you gaze out at the snow. Keep you cool in the summer as you gaze out at an incoming storm.

The kitchen is to die for! Look at wall to left of stove. They kept the original incinerator chute. Back in the day they would put their trash in that and it would head down to the incinerator in the basement.

Another original touch among the new. Look at far wall. They kept the old servant bell system.

That is a cloth ceiling. Unique for sure in a kitchen.

Master bedroom fit for two kings!


Part of the bath area for the daughters’ room

From left to right: Jeremy Bradham, Mandie Robertson, Michelle Bowers, Eric and Michael.

Michael and I having our moment in the amazing master bath tub.