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Dunnington Mansion: Family Pictures!

August 30, 2019

Oh boy! One great thing about having a large following on social media is that I hear from a lot of people! How fortunate we all are tonight! I heard from the great granddaughter of the Dunnington’s. The Dunnington’s owned Poplar Hill, also known as The Manor, and the Dunnington Mansion. For those wanting to know the history or to see more pictures, you can find that here.

She found some old pictures from inside the house, and my favorite, Mrs. Dunnington on the front porch with a few of her sisters! She lived until the age of 103.

It is my understanding that the home was then sold out of the family. If Mrs. Dunnington could see her house today, she would be horrified!  She was an avid gardener, Her gardens are hardly recognizable anymore. She had an attached solarium for her plants.

Mrs. Dunnington also loved to entertain! I can imagine her guests arriving for a social event and sitting at her foyer fireplace to warm up. How in awe they must have been when arriving at that house.

I have heard from children of past employees over the years. They have always told me how much they loved her! She would have home baked cookies ready for them after school. She would encourage them to do their homework while their parents finished their work. She also invited employees to her annual Christmas party at the house. Seen below is a employee by one of her large trees.

The house might not survive much longer without a swift intervention by someone with deep pockets. We at least have these photos.