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45 mountain acres in NC! Circa 1886. Eleven children raised here! $165,000

June 29, 2019

Eleven children were raised in this house! Quite an old homestead. Make sure you read the oral history I attached to this post. This home was built in 1886. It is located on 45.5 acres in Creston, North Carolina. I am a bit concerned that they don’t show a bathroom, not even an outhouse. There are numerous springs on the property. Two bedrooms, 560 square feet. $165,000

From the Zillow listing:


SECLUSION SECLUSION!!! This old homestead is a great getaway with 45.5 mostly wooded acres. There are numerous springs on the property with plentiful wildlife. The log cabin originally consisted of one room and has loads of history. Eleven children were raised here. As the children got older they slept in the loft. There was no electricity and no radios so the children read a lot. The land was clear then and was farmed. Everyone took a tin lunch box to the fields to work and put it in the stream to keep cool. A stick was used to know when it was lunchtime when there were no shadows from the stick. Each one got one pair of shoes a year. Their dad measured their feet with a stick to get the sizes and rode his horse to Tennessee to get them.  Of course they all walked to school.


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