House History Preservation


April 1, 2019


Written by Mandie Robertson

Two wheels.

No predetermined destination

Just the freedom of the road.

Red lights, strip malls, and traffic disappear

into the peace and tranquility of a country road

Taking me back in time ~

Back to a day when times were simpler.

An old shack on the side of the road enveloped in fields.

Once someone’s Home Sweet Home

Now crumbling on the side of a highway.

Abandoned (adj) – having been deserted or cast off

She beckons ~ begging me to enter,

To visit awhile.

A couple of seasons have passed since anyone stopped by.

I hesitate.

Wanting to check her out before committing.

Though she stands a bit crooked and has lost some of her strength,

Still her pride shines through.

At first glance, her exterior shows character.

The weathered husk of her shell

Tells of difficult times.

Though her edges are rough, she is sure of herself.

Upon closer inspection,

Her crown is broken, leaving jewels scattered on the ground.

She welcomes the gifts of Mother Nature.

The windows to her soul tell a different story.

Each full of sunlight and warmth.

Open to let birds alight on her sills

Vulnerable to the whatever comes her way.

The key to the doors of her heart were lost long ago.

Some used brute force to let their presence be known

Leaving the doors scattered for others to repair.

While others just neglected her causing the rust of despair to seal it shut.

Once one gets through the door,

The debris of heartbreak is hard to miss.

Yet amidst the destruction

The shadow of the past is present.

Jars once filled with that which was canned long ago

Litter the staircase blanketed in spider webs.

The sun providing soft light,

guiding the visitor into the attic

Where her secrets are kept.

Her memories clutter her interior in a hodgepodge.

Remnants of a life that was.

The desk on which she once wrote the whispers of her soul

Lies broken upon the floor.

The chair providing comfort in times of need

Overturned paying her no heed.

Sticks and stones taunt her

Leaving her dreaming of a life that once was.

All too soon

It is time for me to say goodbye.

This time getting on two wheels is not as carefree

For thoughts of an old house and the memories left behind

Leave me questioning the story of those long ago.