Endangered Properties House Tours

Interior tour of the Crudup House in Vance County, North Carolina.

January 8, 2019

I fell in love with the Crudup house about twenty years ago! Would drive by it weekly as I traveled to Virginia to visit family. See video tour at top of post.

It seemed natural to try and save it! So two years ago I started a group and that was our goal. Raise the necessary funds to purchase the home.

The owner lives out of state in Maryland. I had many phone conversations with her. We did get her into town and had a lengthy meeting with her.

It was at that point that we realized we weren’t going to be successful in purchasing it from her. Our impression was that she feels the land will be worth something one day. The house was not a concern to her. Which is a shame.

It was built in the 19th century. This house is a perfect example of how being on the National Register of Historic Places does not protect a house and it is also an example of demolition through neglect.

This house is notable for it’s architectural details. The mantelpiece in the dining room came from Europe.

The house started off as a tavern. We believe that was possibly the kitchen area.

At one point the side of the house was the front. The railroad came through and they added onto the house and made the front parallel with the railroad. Imagine the passenger trains heading into Kittrell and seeing that house sitting up on the hill! Look at picture below, the right side of the house was originally the front.

At the time Kittrell was known for the healing properties of their springs. There was an actual resort and people from up north would travel to Kittrell.

The Crudup house was one of the first in the area to have indoor plumbing. The pipes are still down at the creek from what I have been told.

This house also had a hand cranked elevator. As Mr. Crudup Sr.’s health started failing, they would use the elevator to get him up and down. The elevator was taken out, most likely by the previous owner.

The family cemetery is in a grove of trees out behind the neighbor’s house. Interestingly enough, the house has ties to someone in Hollywood. The actor, Billy Crudup has connections to it. If I remember correctly, Josiah would have been his fourth great grandfather.

I still keep an eye on the house and hope that fate will step in and we could somehow attain it. You never know!