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Where’s Wendy’s Wine, Adult version of Where’s Waldo in a historic home. Circa 1853.

December 8, 2018

A few years ago I was at my friend Wendy’s historic home in Wake Forest. Her home is the Thompson House, circa 1853. In 2004 it was moved about 500 yards to its current location to save it from demolition. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. Wendy has had some strange occurrences happen in the home of a paranormal manner, the most recent happening around Thanksgiving time. She has agreed to write an article for the website about it!! Yay! By the way, Wendy is the owner of Katie Callahan & Co. She sells vintage and antique jewelry. She has some amazing pieces for men and women. If you are looking for a Christmas gift, check her website out right here.

The night I was at her house we were taking pictures to show everyone her beautiful historic home. Then we decided to have fun with it and being the wine connoisseurs that we are, ha, it was probably Black Box wine, we decided to make it a little game. Instead of the children’s game, Where’s Waldo, we opted for the adult version of, Where’s Wendy’s Wine. She was hiding in every picture with her glass of wine. Trust me, she is in every one of these pictures.

While looking for Wendy and her wine in the pictures, also take note of her extraordinary home! Every inch of it is beautiful! Her home does have protective easements placed on it through Capital Area Preservation. That is the company that my friend, Jeremy works at as the Preservation Specialist. What does that mean for a homeowner? Any major changes have to be approved. They allow for kitchen and bathrooms to be updated however you choose. You can’t go in and tear out walls, or take out windows, that type of thing. Oftentimes people think that means you can’t even change paint color on walls without approval. Completely untrue. Once a year Jeremy travels to the homes that they have easements on and does a brief tour making sure nothing major has changed. That’s it.

So enjoy our tomfoolery in these pictures and be on the lookout for Wendy’s stories about her home!

The dining room. Something strange happened around Thanksgiving time while she and her husband were in this room!

Foyer looking towards back door. There are two sets of stairs in this home. This is the main staircase.

This has always been one of my favorite rooms in their house. It’s a small sitting room.

Their family room. To the left of this couch is a smaller set of stairs. Back in the day it was the servant stairs. It currently leads up to their master suite.

Downstairs bathroom.

Small storage closet under main staircase.

In this picture you can see the second set of stairs.

Upstairs hallway.

Master bedroom.

Stairs leading up to the master bedroom.

Master bedroom.

Kids bedroom.

Kids bedroom.

Back porch.

Inside storage barn.

Garage and guest house.

Hope you enjoyed her home and our little game. She is even hiding in the main picture of her home at the top of the post. Check out her website and be on the lookout for her article about her “ghost”.