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Unbelievable! Before and After of the kitchen at the Allen House!

September 29, 2018

Today was a big cleanup day at the Allen House! Unfortunately I was sick and couldn’t be out there in the morning, but that didn’t stop all of our wonderful volunteers!! We seriously couldn’t get all of this done without their help. I did run out to the house for a little bit this afternoon to thank everyone and to meet the new volunteers. I am proud to say the entire house is cleaned out, even the summer kitchen! All that we have left is the attic in the main house. That’s going to be a challenge because it is hot and dark up there.

Today’s focus was the kitchen, bathroom, and downstairs hall in main house. And we also wanted the summer kitchen done. If you remember, the kitchen in the main house was scary! It had all kinds of odors! There is a reason why we saved it for last!

Before of the kitchen:

As you can see, it was trashed! There were jars of rotten eggs, and all kinds of food items. We were concerned about finding a dead body, that’s how bad the smell has been in the past. Only dead body they found today was a mouse, and surprisingly only one mouse.

The after of the kitchen:

We were all amazed at how much bigger the spaces look once everything is out and really not in as bad of shape as we were worried about. Now the summer kitchen has some serious structure issues that need to be looked at. I am hoping to be well enough tomorrow to go back and get pictures. I had to leave early today as the heat was getting to me.

Great job volunteers! Thanks to Mary Ann Potter for sharing her pictures with me!