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Allen House! Exciting News! A Big Investigation Will Happen!

September 16, 2018

I have been at the Allen House many times by myself. I have spent hours out there by myself. I never felt anything quite like I did the other day. I have spent a week thinking about that day at the Allen House and listening to the voice some of us heard on that video. You can watch that video here.

I understand many people don’t believe in ghosts or spirits. I am on the fence many times and try to find ways to disprove unexplainable things. But I do trust my gut instinct. Was there some residual energy out there the other day trying to get my attention? It was a quiet day, was it a perfect opportunity for me to “hear” or “feel” a spirit out there?

That video has been shared many times and I have been contacted by several paranormal investigation groups. This might sound a bit crazy, but I feel a strong connection to the house and to the people buried in the side lot of the house. I feel a strong connection to Mary Bowdoin Allen. She raised so many children in that house. She lost children while living in that house. The absolute last thing I want is for her to be exploited in some way.

I want to be in control of the entire situation. I don’t want a group coming in and using the situation, the house, and trying to gain new followers. I am not saying this would have happened with other groups, but I just need to be in control of the situation. So I reached out to a group that has contacted me in the past. They are the paranormal team for Raleigh’s Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources. They investigate Raleigh’s historic sites such as the Mordecai Historic Park. I feel extremely comfortable with them. They aren’t in it for new followers or for video views. They truly love exploring the history through this avenue. I control if they go live on Facebook, or if they even post about it at all. These are all important factors for me.

So let me introduce you to The Ghost Guild, Inc. I have been in contact with Nelson Nauss, he is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of their group.

Here is why I trust him and his organization. I told him I want it to be a very controlled environment. This is what The Ghost Guild is about:


The Ghost Guild Inc. is a registered non-profit organization that investigates alleged paranormal activity with great skepticism and professionalism, using the latest in technology, in hopes of establishing a connection between evidence collected and history of the location.

As the official Paranormal Investigation team for the City of Raleigh’s Parks and Recreation department, and Theatre in the Park, The Ghost Guild Inc. is always looking for opportunities to investigate locations with historical significance, and by investigating the Vincent Allen House, they hope to learn about the history, the generations that called it home, and a way to continue telling their story through their findings.

We will be investigating the house on the night of October 13th. It will be a small group. It will be me (Michelle),  Jeremy Bradham, Bill Harris, Mr. Amato, Tom (Mr. Amato’s son-in-law) and The Ghost Guild investigators. It’s a perfect size and I can assure you that all involved will be highly respectful.

I am excited with the hopes we can find some other element of the house. We have all been so wrapped up in the house being a hoarder’s house that I feel the true history is being lost in the sensationalism of that aspect. By October 13th, we should have the entire house cleaned out. We will be sleeping in the house that night.

Let me also share this little tidbit. I was talking with Mr. Amato Wednesday evening. He said, my goodness, you all have made my life so exciting. I drive by the house now and I see hope and opportunity. This makes me smile on so many levels!