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Is the Allen House haunted????

September 6, 2018

As long as I have been going out to the Allen House I have always said that I never felt anything paranormal, never felt spooked or anything like that. My concern has always been real living people being in there. But today was different! I can’t even really describe how I was feeling.

I walked towards the house and I felt a distinct feeling of being watched. I always listen to my gut instinct about things like this. I have been at the Allen House many times by myself, for hours at a time. Never felt this before. I was video taping while I was out there today and I think you will feel my unease through the video. I will post that later on Facebook. I am contemplating going back out later today. I only lasted ten minutes out there this morning!

Like I said to someone on the phone as I was leaving, I have never felt that before quite like that. We are at the point in this project where structural things are happening. Joists were lifted up the other day to support the house. Are there residual energies being stirred up. Some people don’t believe in all of that. All I can say is today spooked me. I had a gun with me. But it was this nagging feeling of, you shouldn’t be here today. So I left.

I did watch the video I made out there today. I scared myself all over again watching that! Lol! Clearly I was feeling something out there!! Still contemplating if I am going back out later.