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Allen House Update!!

August 16, 2018

Saturday, August 18th, is our next cleanup day! If you want to get your hands dirty and save some history, let me know! Contact me through this website, private message me on Old House Life on Facebook, or message me on Instagram. I must forewarn you, even though we accomplish a lot and get very dirty, we have a LOT of fun!

I spoke with Mr. Amato today to make sure he got another porta potty. He said something that made me feel so bad!! He has a hard time getting around. He uses two canes most of the time. The last cleanup day we were working upstairs. He said he kept hearing lots of laughing. He said he felt like a disabled kid in a neighborhood. He could hear all of the fun, but couldn’t join in. We are going to make sure he has a chair inside so he can join in! He really is a sweet man!

I want to give a special shout out to a follower of my facebook page, Old House Life – Michelle Bowers! Susan Rhoades lives in Tennessee. She wishes she could be with us to help, but since she can’t, she donated supplies! She messaged me today and told me there was something waiting for me at Lowe’s Hardware in Wake Forest. She got us some respirators, a large push broom, a regular broom, and a heavy duty metal dust pan, it’s actually called a debris pan. How sweet is that?! Thank you Susan!

The plan for Saturday is to finish cleaning out the two bottom floor rooms like we did with the two upper floor rooms. Here is a before and after of how Bridget and I started it a few weeks ago.

Come join in on the fun!! Attaching some Facebook videos here for those that haven’t had a chance to see them!

The before of the house during our last cleanup day: Click Here.

The big reveal of the upstairs rooms after cleanup: Click Here.

Bridget having fun with a thigh master we found: Click Here.

The front of the house as the big tree came down: Click Here.