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July 26, 2018

Trees are beautiful around a house, but they can also be a nuisance if they are too close. On the left side of the Allen House there was a very large holly tree. No telling how long it had been there or how old it was. Any arborists have a guess? It was growing up over the house, and unfortunately it was starting to grow into the house. It was time for the tree to go before it did more damage. We believe that side of the house was the original portion from 1790. It has original clapboard siding and original windows. Goodbye holly tree.

It was amazing how much of a difference it made getting the tree down. Below you can see the transformation from January to Saturday. Once the tree was gone you can really see how impressive the house is. Just imagine back in 1790 when Vincent Allen built it for his new bride. Time to get her back to her former glory!

Pictured above was from my first visit to the Allen House. Hard to see how impressive it is due to all of the vegetation and trees around it.

Above is the house last week. Tree on right was taken down. But look at that holly tree trying to take over the left side of the house.

Above is the house mid-cleanup on Saturday. The old collapsed porch is gone out front. But geeze, the holly tree is still there. It was shortly after this drone shot was taken that we decided, take it down.

And look at that!!!!! Opened the house up so much! We finally had light upstairs on that left side!