Historic towns

Ghost Town; Union Level, Virginia.

May 2, 2018

One of my favorite day trips is to the ghost town of Union Level in southern Virginia. There is definitely a ‘Walking Dead’ vibe to it! It’s such an eclectic mix of buildings and if you let your mind imagine some, you can picture it back in the day when it was a busy train stop for the passenger rails. Even before the railroad came through, it was a stop along the stagecoach trails. Just imagine the ladies stepping off their stagecoaches with their hoop skirts and parasols atop their heads to protect them from the sun.

That brings me to the question I always get, what happened to the town? The passenger trains stopped coming through and the town was deserted. There was a busy bank, a general store, a barbershop, a feed store and they all shut down. That happened to a lot of these little towns.

I haven’t been back in over a year, but I have heard someone is restoring the church! That makes me happy, because it sure could be a neat little tourist stop if the buildings were restored. Even though the photographer in me loves the beauty in the abandonment.

These buildings are owned by an elderly lady that lives down the street. (from what I have heard) If you make a drive out to Union Level send us your pictures or tag Old House Life! If you have already been, share your pictures in the comments on Facebook.