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Crudup House Interior Video

April 14, 2018

Today I was out in Kittrell, NC at a house we are considering for a restoration project. Since I was out that way I decided to run by the Crudup house to see how it is looking. I only did an exterior video today. During that video I promised to share my old interior video. (see at top of this post) That video was taken back in February. I shudder at what the inside could look like now, as the exterior has gone downhill greatly!

The Josiah Crudup house, early 19th century, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There is one thing we say a lot on this page, being on the National Register of Historic Places does not protect a home completely. Jeremy wrote a great article about this very thing. The Crudup house is basically a “demolition through neglect”. It is VERY close to a point of no return.

Last year Old House Life had many conversations with the current, out of state, owner. I personally spoke on the phone with her at length. We also met with her out at the house one Saturday afternoon. Jeremy Bradham and I also spent a couple of hours with her at a restaurant discussing various avenues. As a group we offered her tax value and then double that. Sadly, our offers were declined. And the house continues to sit.

Architecturally it is amazing inside! Unfortunately its fate is unknown at this point, but we do watch it closely!