Historic House Listings

Update! History of Ocilla, Georgia listing. $149,000

April 12, 2018

What if I told you the house in this listing was originally a sanitarium?! It opened in 1914 as Ocilla’s first hospital! It was replaced in the 1930’s by a newer facility. The hospital was then turned into a private residence. From the site, Vanishing South Georgia:


  1. Ocilla’s first hospital, with 20 beds, was opened by Dr. Herman Dismuke* and Dr. Gabe Willis in 1914. It originally featured wrap-around porches. Jamie Wilcox Lovett and Cindy Griffin note that this was built by their great-grandfather, Robert Toombs Woolsey. It was replaced by a newer facility in the early 1930s and is now a private residence.
  2. *Dr. Dismuke was the most beloved physician in Irwin County during his lifetime. He delivered thousands of babies, promoted modern health and sanitary practices through his work with the clinic at Irwinville Farms during the Great Depression and served as the county doctor.


Originally it had wrap around porches all around the building. You can see that in this vintage postcard.

I think this would be a cool property to own! And at $149,000, a steal! If anyone goes to see it, get us some more pictures!