21 acres in Goose Creek Island. 1/4 mile from the Intracoastal in North Carolina. $84,000

July 9, 2022

Only 1/4 mile from the Pamlico Sound and the intracoastal waterway on Goose Creek Island. This home was built in 1905. It is located on 21 acres in Hobucken, North Carolina. The home needs a lot of work. It is located on Goose Creek Island which is known for its fishing and duck hunting. There are only about 100 people located there. Six bedrooms, one bathroom and 1,300 square feet. $84,000

Contact Nancy: 828-606-6037

From the Zillow listing:


… No owner financing….. After reading this description.. if you have any more questions .. call or text Nancy ..828-606-6037 and she will answer them for you..2nd and 3rd photo were taken July 6th by the man who mows the yard… . The main thing with this listing is there is 21 wooded acres of land that is 1/4 mile from the Pamlico Sound and the Intracoastal Waterway… This property is on Goose Creek Island, with maybe 100 other people.. a lot being shrimpers & fisherman… The island is famous for its fishing and duck Hunting…. The Old 2 story farmhouse is in need of a total remodel… I have started but at my age it is too much for me… I have framed all the decks around the house and put new siding on the back wall… . I camp out in the old house in the summer, keep the yard mowed while I fish, shrimp and crab…. I have plastic on the walls of the 2 rooms I hang out in.. House has a nice new working full bath and all the plumbing and waterlines in pex that I just finished 11/10/19, a septic inspection by Pamlico Co. Inspections just approved it for a 3 bedroom … so if you wanted to push the old house down you build a new one without questions….. in the old house is a new water heater, good wood heater for cool weather and a window air conditioner for hot weather… There is NO MODERN KITCHEN…I cook on a double gas burner and wash dishes out on the side porch in a dish pan. You can take up the remodeling where I left off or tear it down and start over..pull in a nice little mobile home, set it up above the flood line and you would have a wonderful, quiet, SAFE place to live…It has a great looking yard with 4 huge pecan trees that produce lots of pecans,,, . No, I don’t think you would want to move you family down there and move in… unless you are the pioneer type… then I’d say go for it… it is 17 miles to the grocery store… This is all the pictures I have at the moment.. I am currently in the NC mountains . Just think… people pay this much for a car or truck that is gone in 10years… Property on an Island is hard to come by…… Price is pretty firm … but… I am open to offers so make me one that I can’t refuse. and that is not 70K.. ..Cash Talks. 100% Clear Deed In Hand,,, ..Thanks , Danny



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