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The history!! Clanmore, Circa 1845. On 22 acres in South Carolina. $95,000

May 13, 2019

So much history with this one! Clanmore was built in 1845. It is located on 22.5 acres in Blair, South Carolina. The home was built on a blue granite foundation. The bricks were made on the property. The columns on the house are 22 inches. The heart pine interior came from trees on the property. The home has original windows, floors, trim, doors and hardware.

The Clanmore history! The Union soldiers stormed the house and tore up all of the dresses that were owned by the owner’s niece, Lula. They threw a torch onto the staircase and then rode off on their horses. Lula grabbed the torch and threw it outside, saving the house. A second group of Union soldiers came through and again tried to torch the house. Lula saved it once again! One of the pictures shows a burn mark on the stairs. Only two families have ever owned Clanmore. Four bedrooms, one bathroom, and 3,304 square feet. $95,000

From the Zillow listing:


Circa 1845, Clanmore was built on a Winnsboro Blue Granite foundation from bricks made on the property. No wood framing here…it’s brick thru and thru (including the massive 22″ columns) with a stucco coat that we believe was added in the 1920s-40s era to make the house look more like a Greek Revival. The heart pine interior is from trees felled in the yard. Everyone’s favorite story about Clanmore goes like this: Union soldiers stormed the house and tore up all the new fancy dresses (among other things) that belonged to the owner’s niece, Lula. They threw a torch onto the staircase before they rode away. Lula grabbed the torch and threw it outside. She then extinguished the flames inside. The next wave of Union solders saw that the house was still standing so they torched it again. However, again, Lula thwarted their efforts. I guess she was really mad about those dresses! They never returned and the house still stands today but there, on the staircase, sure enough, is a burned area! Other than the staircase damage that the only two families who have ever owned this house have lovingly ignored, it is in amazing condition for being 175 years old. Where were the vandals? It has water and septic lines and at least partial wiring. The ductwork is in place for HVAC. The floors are in beautiful shape. The 30-year roof is 19 years old. The windows and plenty of wavy glass are in place. Original trim, mantles, doors + hardware! This beauty rests on 22.5 acres.

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