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$9,500! Endangered property! Built as a wedding gift in 1898 in NC.

February 2, 2019


The city of Wilson, North Carolina has threatened to demolish this house if someone doesn’t step up to save it. It is very typical for towns to ask for a plan of how a new owner will save it, and this house isn’t any different. The town has asked for a clear plan. The current owner is unable to do the work, but has given a list of what the house needs. Why should it be saved? It was built in 1898 by a local prominent businessman. He built it for his son and his new bride as a wedding gift. The house next door to this one is the father’s old house and it is currently undergoing a restoration. Both homes are located in a neighborhood that is being revitalized. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 2,945 square feet. $9,500

From the Zillow listing:


This house needs the right buyer! The city (Wilson, NC) is threatening demolition if the house can’t be sold to the right party, someone who can provide the city with a definite plan for rehabilitating the structure. Please help save this historic house!

This historic Queen Anne house is in need of repair, it needs to be preserved so that it does not fall further into disrepair. It was built in 1898 by a prominent figure in Wilson, North Carolina for his son and new bride, erected right next to his own house, and retains many of its original features. Through the years since then, it has survived as a landmark in the community, and endured several different owners, one of whom segmented the house into 3 separate apartments. The current owner was in the process of rehabilitating the house and converting it back into a single-family home, as is the owner of the house next door, which was the father’s house. Considerable work has already been done, although there is still a large amount to be finished.

Among the issues needing to be addressed; there are support beams underneath the house which need to be replaced, in addition to the ones replaced by the current owner. The roof has at least 4 places which need repair, one of which is fairly substantial, although it has been covered with a tarp. Most of the plumbing will need to be completely re-done, although the job has been started by the current owner. New wiring has been pulled to about 30% of the structure, the remainder will need to be completed. Both the front and side porches need substantial repair. The back of the house will need to be rebuilt where the worst of the damage was concentrated, due to water ingress. This process has been started.

The house is about 3000 sq. ft., and sits on an approximately ½ acre corner lot, in a neighborhood among other historic homes, several of which are also being refurbished to bring back their former glory. There is a network of resources in the city dedicated to preserving the historic heritage of the community, and many like-minded individuals that can be a wealth of knowledge and help.

Again, the city needs an owner with a definite plan for stabilization and repair of the structure. Please call Kendall @ two one three, three seven nine, one zero two five.
What I Love About The Home
What this home could become with the right time and attention. The South has a unique charm to it, and this historic home is steeped in it. The big, open rooms will be beautiful and inviting once the home is restored. The front porch will be perfect for sitting on and waving to passers by with a cold sweet tea or lemonade close by. The neighborhood is currently undergoing a reawakening of sorts, as several nearby homes are also in the process of rehabilitation. The city of Wilson is poised to be a new cultural center, with improvements in the nearby historic downtown district.

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